Just Up the Road

 I remember standing on the porch, the door wide open to the cold January air. Watching her drive away up that road like the warmth escaping the security of our little home into the night forever. I know now I can never rid myself of this ever so painful yet cherished memory, God knows I’ve tried. And there is comfort somehow in this feeling of fleeting love. A feeling of hope perhaps, of knowing I could never feel this empty had I never been so full. Glowing red lights fading into the night like wisps of smoke lost to the wind. Etched and burned into my mind forever and eternity. I return there occasionally, to that road, blocked off now to a cul de sac of vacant and burned down homes. To remember the bitterest of my memories, and live in that moment of fleeting love, just one more time. again…….                                                               I’ll love you for always my rose

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