3 thoughts on “THOUSAND ISLAND

  1. First time I’ve been invited into an empty Thousand Island salad {chuckle}. While I was sleeping Patience has trumped me re the water-cooler, but I still have questions: 3:15 irrelevant? I thought it was AM, the most popular time for folk to pop their clogs? & hence the line “normally gets backed up around this time”… Is ‘waiting in line at the water-cooler’ an idiom like ‘sharing a desk with Elvis’? And Mobius: is your afterlife an endless loop? Anything else I’ve missed? 🙂
    PS Thanks for checking out mine

  2. ‘Normally gets backed up around this time’ to show he’s aware he knows he’s in the loop. truthfully it’s more about the futility of things(rather pessimistic I know) . And the watercooler is something I came up with talking to a friend about all the people who are “in line” and don’t know it and How I like to make fun of people. like I you go to the mall and just watch people. some of them don’t know what’s going on at all. 🙂

  3. Thanks for that. Indeed, how far we are each sucked into the illusion of life / delusion of human society is fascinating %-) I look forward to more…

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