Sea of Tears

tears fall on the shore filling the sea with sorrow

a woman wailing in the distance

a ship dancing on the glittering moonlit horizon

a sailor lost to the winds of hope

steering him farther and farther from home

waves without mercy dash against the bow

compasses spinning, bells ringing, clanging into the night

the call of the sea, the cries of the weak, clinging to life somehow

a tempest rages, the storm blazes, lightening streaks from the sky

a heart is pounding, a heart is drowning, a love refuses to die




(This post is a response to a prompt challenge with loveletterstoaghost.  Am having trouble getting it out so it might be late)

10 thoughts on “Sea of Tears

  1. Here’s what I love–that we both took such different paths with the same prompt. It’s funny that I always write about love and your poem speaks of love. I love that you wrote a poem, which you rarely do, and I wrote a story, which I rarely do. I think your poem is beautiful and heartbreaking and perfect. 🙂

  2. Ha ha! You know what’s funny–I had a dream last night that my computer was hacked and suddenly hundreds of people were controlling my laptop. I was watching as people were posting for me and I could do nothing to stop it. It was kind of a nightmare because I woke up freaked out. I wonder if that was about the time your computer crashed. Weird!

  3. The poem is exceptional. In addition, the look and rhythm of it aid in the reading of it. Sometimes the structure of a poem can make an already somewhat abstract piece even more difficult to read. Not so with yours.

  4. Thank you! I didn’t realize until I read it for the like 500th time how the words pick up speed and force towards the end then settle down in the last line. I appreciate your comments.

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