Night Sailing

This is a response to a friendly prompt challenge. Enjoy.


The sleek schooner sliced through water so black it could have been an oil slick.  Bright specks of starlight hung in the interminably dark sky, and silence filled up Frank’s ears making him feel as if he were listening to the world through a pile of cotton.  He looked around, hoping that he had been as invisible as he had felt when he left the dock only an hour ago.  Nerves could get the best of a person who wasn’t as strong as Frank, and he was lucky that he had been raised by nomadic biker parents who had brought him up to be fearless in the face of danger.  And, tonight Frank found himself in the middle of one huge shit storm.

Frank had bought the sailboat a little over a month ago, and he’d been taking lessons ever since.  He imagined what his rough and worn parents might say about his purchase, how they’d laugh…

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