People You Meet at the WaterCooler

“The line’s pretty long today.”  He stated with the accusation of a question.

“Well, it normally gets backed up around this time.”  I reply.

“Really?  I would think things would be moving right along.”

“Yeah, you’d think.  That’s why I always stop for a drink.  Just sorta hang back in the cut.”

“So you’ve been called up here before?”

“Oh, I got my notice a while back now.”

“Really? I just got mine today, I don’t even know what all this mumbo jumbo is scrawled across the header.  Can’t make heads or tails of it.  Is it like a loggin code or something?”

“That’s for the higher ups.  Some sorta filing system they got or something.  Pete over there seems to have a pretty good grasp of it.”

“The guy by the door behind the desk?”

“Yup, he’ll take care of you.”

“Do I need some identification, I think I left all that downstairs.”

“Just give him your notice, he’ll tell you where you need to go next.”

“Alright well thanks man, I better get back in line.  Don’t want to be late, not make the cut.”  He said timidly.

“Ah, you’ll do fine, I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.”

“Aren’t you gonna get back in line?  I mean, you wouldn’t wanna miss the ‘boat’, right?”  You could tell he was nervous and was trying to get me to help bolster his confidence.

“Nah, they know I’m here.”

“Alright, well it was nice to meet you.  Don’t wait too long, you might be standin’ around this place ‘forever’..See ya around. Hahaha”  He chuckled uncomfortably, like he was afraid he might have insulted me somehow.

“Same time tomorrow.”  I click my tongue, wink and shoot a hand pistol in his direction with a smile.

“Who was that?”

“Dunno,  just the 3:15 trying to get where he’s going.  How is it you still can’t tell time?”

“I don’t keep track, you know that”

“Yeah, but you’re the one who figured out the whole watercooler thing.”

“Hey, that’s was the easy part.  Here, I found some coffee.”

“Finally, I could use some joe.”

12 thoughts on “People You Meet at the WaterCooler

  1. First time I was dazed by some turns of speech, I figured cultural – the cut, the hand pistol, the 3:15. I was missing the gist and it felt scary although I like the mystery – true of most of your pieces for me: the scenario isn’t obvious but it’s fun trying to consolidate the images. I read the rest of your posts then came back. Second time I think I got the allusion – around “got my notice a while back”, then “Pete” and “boat” confirmed it – and it felt more philosophical and uneasy. I wonder about 3:15 still, and if ‘water-cooler’ is a well-known euphemism, and the third character at the end, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone else by asking 🙂 Is that any use? Or what sort of feedback were you after?

  2. That’s good, I like how you were looking into it. I think I have two posts named thousand island. one of them is blank if it’s still there. we can chat there I’ll tell you what I was thinking. Oh the third guy,, this might help some other people….. he’s mobius. 🙂

  3. Ok, so I really like this, and I felt like I had an idea what it was about until I read cicelywaspen’s comment. You MUST explain more! At least to me. 🙂

  4. Mobius was a German mathematician who came up with the mobius strip. If you took a strip of paper and gave it a half twist and then taped the ends together. An ant could craw the entire length of the paper returning to the original starting point without crossing over an edge.

  5. The Mobius heory states that time will eventually meet back at the begining and start over, ultimately repeating itself only to go on doing the samething over again, ultimately repeating itself only to go on doing the samething over again, ultimately repeating itself only to go on doing the samething over again, ultimately repeating itself only to go on doing the samething over again, ultimately repeating itself only to go on doing the samething over again

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