A Girl Named Whiskey

What if I hadn’t asked you to give me a ride that day?

To go and have a beer?

What if you had said no?

What if you had just dropped me off?

What if you had never moved here?

What if you were somebody else?

Would we still have met?

Would I still have loved you the same?

Would you still haunt my memories like a wine stain on my soul?

Would I still see you everywhere I go?

Everywhere I look?

Everytime I think?

Would I still yearn to hear your voice, your laugh?

See your eyes looking into mine, breathing your breath,

Biting my lip, holding you close.

Would I have died? Should I have died?

Is there anything that can drown you out of my head,

My memories, my heart. Or is that it?

Is that all I get?  This awful pain,

Missing you, wanting you, aching out for you?

Or do I just call you whiskey…………………………….

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