It was the first time I had been in here, I had seen the building many times coming and going to and from my daily affairs.  But today my car broke down and the nearest auto shop was, well sort of away from any where else, plus they said it would be ready by the end of the evening.  So instead of waiting for a cab and paying the extra money to go home and back I thought I might as well investigate this unfamiliar place and stay awhile.


     As I walked in the door I noticed an old grey haired man smoking a cigar and drinking a daiquiri,  just then I heard a another man at the bar “shaken not stirred”.  Confused a bit the cacophony of voices overwhelmed me.  I looked around and there was a myriad of strangers all throughout the place.  I sat down to bide my time and the bartender introduced himself as Lloyd and offered me a drink.


     There was a  sun crisped fellow named Santiago telling a whopper of a fish story to the man with the cigar.  And a young boy too young really, having a secret conversation with what looked to be an escaped convict.  I could see outback through a window, a gang of neighborhood kids painting the fence.  Down in the gallery there was a gaggle of women chattering about, sipping their tea, dressed in their finest with their hair done just so.


     I met a couple at the end of the bar, Miriam and Noah and they could not stop arguing.  And sitting along side of them was some british bloke that seemed to have more to say about everything either one of them could agree on.  Amongst the pictures and bottles on the walls were television sets blaring out the most preposterous of shows about little gnomelike people and flying dragons, submarine adventures and princesses trapped in towers.


      I could have sworn four men came in the front door wearing swords on their belts,  Hollering and carrying on about camaraderie.  When all of a sudden there was a lady in glasses shaking me by the shoulder gently.


     “Sir, sir… We’ll be closing up here in a few minutes, but if you’d like to take something home with you.  Just stop by the front desk on your way out and you can fill out a card.” 



(This post is a response to a friendly challenge with ” loveletterstoaghost”, the prompt, simply….”Library”… I’ll post her response as well, check out her blog, and enjoy.)

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