The Library

This is the other half to our challenge “Library” hope you enjoy


The library loomed in front of her in the gloom of the wet evening.  Anika felt the rain splashing on her cheeks as she climbed the ancient cement stairs into the dark building.  She had been on campus for almost two months, but this was her first time going to the library.  Why hadn’t she chosen to go during the day?  Anika shook her head and the nervous feeling in her stomach from her mind and pushed on the heavy doors.

The doors opened first onto a foyer and a second set of dark wooden doors led into the main hall of the massive library.  When Anika stepped through, her breath caught in her throat and the tiny sound coming from her mouth echoed up towards a ceiling at least ten floors away.

The library had been the first building erected on the campus, and many legends surrounded the ancient structure.  Anika’s…

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