Autumn Breezes

A two part challenge,, Autumn,, enjoy!


Pink sky blooms

from the tops

of the mountains

that ring the basin,

the mountains

that bleed purple

on the fields,

the farms,

the meadows

that dot the land.

Wind carrying

smells of fall–

turned dirt,

rotting leaves,

the hint of rain.

The tree is

wearing shades

of crimson,


deep yellow and orange.

Her leaves

tremble in the crisp


and she releases

her summer grip,

allowing them

to fall to the soft

ground the way

a woman’s dress

glides from her

hips to the floor,

dropping in anticipation

of what’s coming.

The earth breathes

a little deeper

and sweaters are

pulled from their

closet confines.

As the trees

shed their clothes

and show their

nakedness to the

cooling world,

humanity sits in front

of warming fires

and bundle in blankets.

We hold each other

in hot embraces

to drive off the

bustling breezes

of Autumn.

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