How Would You Know?



How would you know if you met an angel


Would it be at the lowest point in your life


Or were you about to cross a busy road and a reckless kid skateboarded right in front of you just as you almost stepped infront of a bus


could it be the telemarketer that called in the middle of your favorite show


maybe that bolt of lightening that fried your breaker only to find out your stove was shot


how would you know?


did she foresake her wings just for the chance to meet you


is it your cat that stays up all night and cuddles with you when your lonely


or your dog  that shakes its tail and dances in circles everytime you come home


I wonder if I’ve met an angel






12 thoughts on “How Would You Know?

  1. Beautiful words, sometimes I think there is someone watching over me (maybe my mother?) There have been times where I have been in situations that could have turned out worse than what they did but I had some luck – or an angel – on my side.

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