Anna woke up fighting. Sitting up and gasping, she couldn’t find air to breath.  Flashes darted in and out of her vision through the dark.  Eyes wide  and convulsing she put her hands down into the sand.  Rocking back and forth, light started to emerge.  Holding her breath to keep from choking she could see the distance glowing dimly.  Slowly she could remember where she was, the breath started to come back.  Then tears, the loneliness, the sun was coming up and the rolling crash of the waves took over.


     Sitting there in the sand starring out into the distance playing it over and over in her head.  She wondered why she had to wake up, couldn’t she just sleep until she died.  It had been too long, too many days, a week perhaps maybe more.  Nobody else, just her, she was all alone and she new it.  She looked to the left and then to the right just to make sure, nope, nobody.  The wind picked up a little and blew her hair about her face and in her mouth, she didn’t care.  The sun was up for the most part and starting to bake the sand, to bake her.  Another day another sunburn, her skin was dry and parched not to mention her throat.  The wind gusted again but this time from the side, her clothes rippling and whipping back and forth.


      She laid back down and snuggled into the warming sand turning her gaze up, towards a small bunch of palms and rocks.  Nestled her hands together under her head and closed her eyes feeling the tiredness creep back into her mind, sleep.  It was midday when she woke up again feeling the searing heat and the sand clawing at her sun crisp and salt brittle skin.  Her clothes still whipping with the wind the waves still crashing back and forth.  The only sounds she could hear.  The wind had blown the sand up and all around her face, into her lips, she pursed them together and pulled a hand up to cover her face a little.  A cloud passed overhead and cooled her for a moment only to relinquish and let the sun burn down on her more.  Pulling her knees up she dug herself down into the sand  even more and went to sleep again.



14 thoughts on “ShipWrecked

  1. Lots of suspense, especially since I could see that the piece was ending in just a few sentences and I had no idea where you were going with it. Nice work.

  2. Ok, that was so good. I think that Anna’s struggle could be a metaphor for so many human experiences. I want to know if it is a metaphor, or if there is more to her story, like how she became shipwrecked and where and why. I’ve missed you! Thanks for posting! 🙂

  3. I agree, Patience. I was thinking about that – that feeling of pushing through, trying again, trying to survive, then not having the energy, the will, letting go again, giving up, okay, giving it one more shot, nope, not going to make it…

  4. Exactly! I think this aloneness might have been the feeling he wanted from us. That lack of willpower or urge to try, feeling heavy and lonely.

  5. Defeated. Hopeless. Like, even if I do manage to muster the energy to stand up, to carry on, then what? I’m alone, I’m lost, I have nothing. So what’s the point?

    I like how we’re telling him what his writing is supposedly telling us. 🙂

  6. I have a dream where I believe I might drown until I realise I can breathe the water beneath the waves…it is all a metaphor…or is this life, so full of expectations the dream?

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