A Visitor From Above

As I sit here staring blankly into my screen, reading words and shapes wondering what will come into and out of my head today.   Hoping for something of the slightest meaning or amusement I deem worthy of putting out into the world for others to read and plant a seed of thought in their heads.  A little itsy bitsy baby spider appears repelling down it’s own little line of homespun silk, silhouetted by the glow of my screen.  Kind of cute, and interesting in a way.  Hello little spider, what brings you here today?


Crafty little fella, to join me and my computer, or my computer and I.  Now ascending back to your tether point high aloft from the vaulted ceilings you call home.  Absconding away with a glimpse of my blank screen.  Did I not entertain you, or were you on a black ops reconnaissance mission?  Taking snapshots of my intel and technology for use in the retaking of planet earth.  Nope, no super insecticide formulas here.  Just a passerby I guess, took a wrong turn or distracted by the glowing light.  Sorry little fella, it’d be cool if you came back.  Maybe I’ll put in a picture of a little fly to entice your company once again.

14 thoughts on “A Visitor From Above

  1. Love your usage of words in this piece. Very enjoyable read – thanks for posting it!

  2. I feel the same way! Every comment & like on my page is still a pleasant surprise.
    You are most welcome – you write wonderfully! 🙂

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