How old will you be when you figure out what today is?

I find it strangely entertaining and somewhat funny that the Daily Prompt came up with this and when it did.  I was just at that very moment thinking about when I was coming out of my coma, and how the doctor would come in every day and ask me simple questions to gauge my progress.

I don’t remember all of the questions but some of them that I do were like these.  What year were you born?  What year is it now? How old are you?  What’s your name?  Where are you?  Who is President?

I remember shooting my hand up with my finger pointed upward saying Obama!  I remembered that for sure.  Why you ask?  Couldn’t really tell you.  All the others mentioned above I could answer except what year it is  and when.  Hell man, I’d been asleep for God knows how long.  How was I supposed to know what the date was?  Once the date was confirmed I still had to try to figure out how old I was.  Which leads me to this post and the reply to the Daily Prompt.

I remember trying to do the math, 10, minus the 3, no no no, add the three then subtract how many years that is , wait.  What if I just go by decades, then once I get close I can just add the remainder on top plus the three.  Three? where’s the three coming from?  Oh yeah, that’s right it’s three years past 2010(2013) so add the three to the, where was I?  That’s right I’m in THE LAND OF CONFUSION !!!

Now to clarify, I don’t do math in the conventional way that most of you do.  Or probably like any of you do.  But that aside I remember thinking “Now wait a minute!” I’m laying here in this bed with no clothes, tubes and machines beeping and what not and my hair’s a mess, I need to take a shower, I don’t know who you are.  And you want me to do math?  I think back now and remember wanting to get cleaned up, take a shower, get properly dressed and then I’ll figure this out for you and even tell you how old you are.  Little did I know at that point just talking was about the most and highest of my capabilities.

This my friends was definitely the Land of Confusion.  And there you go, don’t forget to carry the three.    🙂

In response to Today’s Daily Prompt:

picture from google pics (crazy numbers)

16 thoughts on “How old will you be when you figure out what today is?

  1. I can’t imagine the confusion, even now. I would want to know everything that happened and how I acted during all that time of coming out of the coma and the point of being “back to normal.” Are you back to lightning fast math?

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  7. Hi, I am so pleased to know you have retained your spirit and fun side after such an ordeal. Here in England there is a soap opera called ‘Doctors’ showing how this woman , after being knocked down by a car , woke up thinking she was 18 instead of 47 years old. Horrendous not to know these things. I cannot imagine how you coped with it all. I often cannot remember names, places or things and it annoys me. I know my problem is simply I’m getting older and this happens but you are young and it wasn’t your fault. Take care and write some more great prose.

  8. Well, I’ve narrowed it down and I can’t remember much of the last six years. It’s still there, but more like it’s written down somewhere to reference, not like an actual experience.

  9. visit and Thank you for writing which is quite good and best wishes always, and greetings

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