What About Me ?

Irony……… is not lost on me.  I was thinking yesterday I should ask people who read me to just ask a question.  I mean why not?  I seem to be at a loss as what to write and I have the time.  You need me to research something or maybe I just know it.  Or maybe just my opinion on something. Although  I’ve found the opinion thing is normally best kept to oneself, or myself at least.  But back to the topic at hand.

Today I started going through my reader and lo and behold there seemed to be a trend spreading across WordPress.  Truthfully only two blogs I read are directly connected to each other in this subject.  But three others, that I’m pretty sure aren’t even aware of each other, all asked the same question.  How does this happen?  Maybe the world is being bombarded by some cosmic rays or our thoughts are being sucked into outer space leaving us dull and uninspired.

Possibly there’s something in the mainstream media that’s subliminally injecting us with these particular thoughts.  I certainly don’t know the answer to that question, but I normally can’t answer my own questions.  Or maybe the ones I can’t, just stand out and I am constantly haunted by the lack of a reasonable explanation.  Once again I’m wandering off subject, (my lack of inspiration), or willingness to write about what’s really on my mind.  So as much as I loathe to follow trends and what have you, I’ll fire off a few facts about myself as if anyone asked or, cared really.

1. I read magazines from back to front

2. I can improvise like MacGyver or even better at times

3. As of the present, due to any proof of the otherwise or further research on my part, I think is the perfect number

4. I didn’t make #3 a fact about my favorite number (3) on purpose, but I’m not surprised in the least (irony, remember) also the # symbol is shift” (3) 

5. I’m right handed, but I skate “Goofyfoot” and box southpaw

6. I refuse to fight

7. Cats love me, as do dogs

8. I’ve been totally digging on some Regina Spektor, although Missy Higgins is on right now (Sugarcane)

9. I am a complete movie buff, but if you ask me about a movie, that’ll be the one I haven’t seen

10. I am a master at catching crawfish barehanded, or what you may call crayfish

11. I see different tones of color out of each eye

12. I think nothing beats an ice cold Coca-Cola from a glass bottle

13. I loved smashing bottles on the tracks when I was a kid, but feel it’s irresponsible now

14. When my plates and cups crack/chip/break, I bury them in hopes that some archaeologist finds them a thousand years from now

15. Hmm….my second favorite icecream flavor is chocolatechip mint (you know the green kind)

That oughta do it for now.  Oh and the trend was/is “Ask me a question about myself, or what is (fill in the blank) about you”. Hope you enjoyed.

16. BONUS!!!!!  I’m always counting, anything and everything. Ducks, cars, green lights, coins, paperclips, dots on the ceiling, whatever.  As long as it’s there, I’ll count it.

(picture from google pictures)

24 thoughts on “What About Me ?

  1. There’s a thing going around on Facebook right now where someone gives you a number and you write that many interesting/unknown facts about yourself. Maybe it has leaked into the blogging world.
    I don’t count everything, but I do count my steps and I do count the cracks I step over and ride my bike over (the second is a whole lot harder as the cracks go speeding by). I used to think there was something wrong with me, when I was younger, when I couldn’t stop counting. I was relieved to find out that my mom did it also.

    Thanks for sharing about yourself.

  2. I agree some numbers are special in our lives. Mine is the number 9 or multiples of 9. I met my husband on the 18th got engaged on the 9th and married on the 27th. My son was born on the 18th, my second son on the 9th. I lost a child who would have been born on the 27th. Our first house was no. 9 and the next 27. My father died on the 18th. I was told that my husband would die on the 9th but he ignored the doctors and hung on until the 12th. My brother died on the 9th. I think I will be OK as I now live in no. 37 unless it means that I will
    die aged 99. Love the insight to your quirky personality. I only have to cope with old age but you… I loved MacGyver.

  3. Yeah, can you imagine when they find all the budweiser bottles and think we worshiped eagles? You know, cause it’s molded into the glass on the neck of the bottle. I’d like to see their faces when they try to figure that one out.

  4. Haha, you’ve got to bury all that crockery in the same place. Scattered pieces tend to be ignored. A collection always sparks interest!

  5. I still find myself counting in my head whenever anything repetitive is happening. Thanks for some ideas, I was going to start a “10 things you may not know about me”.

  6. I just had an amazing epiphany! To have small glass medallions made with my name and date, maybe a face to match and spread them everywhere, then someday, some one will find them and say, hey! This guy existed! Hmm, this could work.

  7. I’m curious – what was the question that all of those blogs asked? Synchronicity is a message. Like yesterday, I went shopping for an umbrella at a large store. As soon as I found the umbrella section, the song “umbrella” by Rihanna came on over the loudspeakers!

  8. Ha, that kinda stuff happens to me all the time! The question was, sorta wide but, it’s basically inviting people to an open forum to ask random questions. Or asking readers a list of questions to link back. Kinda like a “get to know ya” session I guess. Have any for meeee?

  9. Interesting idea, burying your broken bottles, plates, etc. I wonder if people in the past that archaeologists are digging up now did that? Surely they discarded what was no longer usable.

    I have a question for you: If chocolate mint is your SECOND favorite flavor, what is your first?

    I have gotten those lists on Facebook too lately…maybe I’ll create one on my own blog. Check me out in a few days and see! 😉

  10. I was wondering when somebody would think to ask me that. (answer edited to maintain the mystic), but reply when you get this. Cause I’m going to edit this as to give some one else the chance to ask.. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  11. VERY interesting notes about ya! I’ve been trying to stay away from soda, but no kidding, Coca-cola in the bottle is delicious! And there ain’t no burp like a Coke burp!

  12. Yeah soda is yummy but no substitute for water, that’s for sure. Thanks for stopping by and having a look around, I hope you get a chance to checkout some of my short stories.

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