Come Join the Battle

Rusty chains.  Encircled the dilapidated gate.  Thick air.  Sat heavy on the dead grass.  The tree line.  Stood tall, soldiers at attention, marching into foggy battle.  Over the hill fires burned to the sky.  Tendrils of smoke twisting through the trees, suffocating life in its fiery fist.  A runner arrived with a message from the high command.  All was not lost yet.  The six nations were headed up from the south.  The soldier looked towards the horizon waiting, anticipating the imminent destruction of his loyal brothers, those men had baffled with a quest for glory.  If they could hold out for one more night their cargo would be safe.  But dawn was a millennia away and he could see them cresting the final hill, the fire light glinting off their steely swords.  Snow clouds banked on the top of the ridge.  The frigid air mixing with the heat from the flames that crept closer and closer to the battlefield.  Poured a mix of icy mud down the hill instantly freezing solid to the horses legs and soldiers boots.  The battle was upon him.  He swung his sword, slicing through flesh and bone, praying to god that he would survive the night.

This is a fun little project I teamed up with my talented friend @ (So This Is Writing?)  yesterday.  We started with a phrase and then took turns adding a sentence or idea with no clue what the other was thinking.  Just stacking sentences back to back, and this is what came out.  I’m certain both of us have very different pictures in our imaginations as to what is going on or going to happen, or has happened to get to this point in the story.

 I’m very intrigued as to what you think, tell me what is going through your mind as you were reading (aside from the bad grammar).  Who is it, what’s the cargo, how will the battle ensue?  Tell me whatever you think, Please join the battle.

10 thoughts on “Come Join the Battle

  1. First, I thought it must be in response to a prompt, although it wouldn’t surprise me at all if you just started writing about this. Second, I could only envision the typical war movie – lots of dark scenes, screaming, bodies everywhere, you don’t know who’s on who’s side, who’s getting killed. Third, I like it in the prose form!

  2. I thought it was going to be about a football match until I remembered you are in America. You and your friend have an amazing way with words and how you were able to meld two different minds together and make it work was great. So evocative I was there. I have decided it must be about this English battle. Loved the phrase ‘fiery fist’.
    The Battle of Naseby .
    The battle lasted just three hours and in that time most of the Royalist foot soldiers were killed or taken prisoner. The Royalists also lost all of their artillery and most of their baggage. Charles fled the battlefield as soon as it became apparent that he had lost the battle.

  3. Oh my, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. (about the Royalists) But I’m glad to hear what pictures it gave you in your mind. I wish I had more readers so I could hear from more people. And thank you for the compliments, the “fiery fist” was from the other participant, so they deserve the glory.

  4. This utilized such great imagery that it captured my interest from the start and held it until the end. Great post!

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