What Were You Doing at 3:44 Today?

Participating in a new and intriguing event, where we all share what we are/were doing at the same moment in time.  Today I share what I was doing at 3:44 p.m. my time.  I invite you to join and share what you were up to and link back to http://randeebergen.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/a-moment-in-time-344-p-m-on-113013/

Today I woke up on the couch buried in a tangle of blankets and a Harry Potter marathon on  abc Family (still watching).  I awoke to the smell of pork chops frying in a cast iron pan for I fell ill yesterday and have a visitor to take care of me.  They followed up the pork chops with potato cakes with the last few corn mixed in. (my own little addition to make them a bit different and pop)  So at 3:44 my time I was eating fried potato cakes and watching Harry Potter drinking V8 Splash by the bucket and a fire in the hearth, cozily checking fb and responding to email.  And I’m sure my hair is a mess and needs to be brushed.

(picture from google pics and eurobricks.com)


14 thoughts on “What Were You Doing at 3:44 Today?

  1. Ah ha, a peek into your life. Just the purpose of A Moment in Time. I hope you haven’t fallen TOO ill???? It sounds like a great Saturday, other than not feeling the greatest.

  2. Thank you so much for participating in the very first A Moment in Time! I appreciate it so much. I was traveling all day and haven’t had time to write my own yet. My bad. Good job WPBFF. 🙂

  3. I was sitting in the bedroom window watching fur my humans to come home… And flapping my tail. The Dang humans left me alone AGAIN to spend time with the Creature.

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