Have You Lost Your Freakin’ Chocolate!?????



Evening’s setting in and it’s time to settle down for some couch and remote time.  Of course, as everyone knows, one needs a proper munchie snack at the ready when curling up on the sofa for their favorite TV time and shows.  I had decided awhile back that as long as Cheetos (the crunchy kind) existed, that there was no need or want for Cheetos “cheesy poofs”.  They just can’t hold a candle to their counterpart and only leave one completely unsatisfied with the entire experience.  On this, I am steadfast and unshakable in my position and will go down swinging shall ye engage me on this topic.

But for the sake of something different and the fact I have a half eaten bag of said unsatisfying snack.  I opted for the quick and simple choice to adopt this recklessly tossed aside redheaded stepchild of the snack aisle.  This my friends is where the adventure begins.

Now I have found that in my half-hearted research, mainly consisting of reading the back of packaging, labeled  “Nutrition Facts”, that almost anything and everything no matter what it is marketed as, contains 10-12% of one’s recommended daily allotted amount of fat based on a daily 2,000 calorie diet.  I had always figured that “cheesy poofs” were fried, thus giving them their “poofyness”, and of course with that would come a high dose of fat.  Until a month or two ago I saw a documentary on family snacks and how said “poofs” were made.  Apparently this is not so and the “dough” is shot through an extruder and violently expands in a moment of pressure and heat, giving them their “poofyness”.  And presumedly with that, a low amount of fat.  Fat Chance of that!!!!!  I casually read the back of my unsatisfying snack only to find they contain a whopping 15% of fat per serving.  More than actual fried food!  What the hell man?

Anyhow, with all that in mind, and not even enjoying my snack I decided to just go for broke and get the chocolate out.  How can I go wrong there, right?  I mean, I’m already unsatisfied and eating something that’s beyond worse than the average snack.  But where’s the chocolate?  I had some I know I did!  So now I’m on the hunt for my chocolate, the cookies, gone with Thanksgiving, the icecream, last week, wasn’t there some toffee or something like that, the chocolate elves must have gotten to it.  I’m on the border of searching the freezer for some semi-sweet morsels to eat straight from the bag , ’cause I’m on a mission now!

Luckily I have that nifty dvr so I can continue until that holy grail of chocolate is finally acquired.  Hot coco is just not gonna cut it and I’m nearing my wits end.  When I spy out of the corner of my eye on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator door, behind a forgotten bottle of mustard, a beautiful, magnificent, unopened, dark brown 1/2 lb bag of M&Ms smiling up at me. (Insert sound of Angels) Chocolate has been found!  And the evening can continue.  Oh chocolate, I love you.



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12 thoughts on “Have You Lost Your Freakin’ Chocolate!?????

  1. Cute! I can picture you curled up on the couch, casually reading the Cheetos bag, slowly coming to the conclusion that, like with most junk food, it’s really not worth it. Now, not knowing that you had a bag of M&Ms in your fridge? That would NEVER happen to me. A bag of M&Ms wouldn’t sit around my house long enough to get lost or forgotten about. Could totally hear the angels. And dang it, now you’ve got me in the mood for some junk food!

  2. Oh man, I am so envious of your chocolate-finding skills. Can you pass those along? I may or may not have eaten six bars in five days last week… and now I’m out.

  3. Well the freezer is my last ditch fail-safe, but check the container next to the cookie jar or that little tin that got pushed to the back of the pantry. The real secret is to stash chocolate throughout the year then you just stumble onto it…… 🙂

  4. Whenever I visit the US, I’m astonished by the innovating spirit of snack food makers. I just about fainted when I saw that there were guacamole Doritos. Too bad all that stuff makes me double over in pain minutes after I shove them into my mouth.

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