I just saw yesterday’s DailyPrompt about learning style, so as it usually comes with me here you go a day late (your dollar is in the mail).   It reminded me of when I was just a wee tyke and had some homework in my workbook to do.  As I can imagine, I filled out the pages and continued on with my carefree life of WoodyWoodPecker, Heckle&Jeckle, grubby hands, afternoon treats and waiting for my big sister to get home from bigkid school.  The memory that is embedded in my mind and probably a defining property of my persona to this day is as follows.  I present to you my learning style.

I remember being at home and having my Mom come over to explain to me why I had gotten a bad mark and told my answers were wrong.  You see on this particular assignment, there was a picture of a rocket.  Now I had to find a drawing site to recreate a picture of said rocket and hope I have managed to bring this crude drawing to this post ( I suck with computers).  The rocket was a tall rectangle and two right triangles on either side of the base representing fins.  There was also a vertical line in the center of the base the same height of the triangle fins, portraying the silhouette of another fin.  And to top it off a nose cone.

The question asked was to write down how many triangles there were.  My response was five(5), which I was reprimanded for being wrong.  But I wasn’t, my logic was there was (1) the nose cap, (2 and 3) the fins on the right and left, (4) the line in the center portraying another fin.  And then lastly (5), if the two fins were shown left and right as right triangles in 2-dimensions then they had to be equa-distant from each other and the fact there was the third fin showing dead center as a silhouette means there has to be a fourth fin on the other side, other-wise the rocket wouldn’t fly straight.  And who would put a crooked flying rocket in a school book, right?

After this was all explained to my Mother she whole-heartedly agreed with my findings and took the matter of my failed grade to the school.  Where upon conferencing with the teacher she was told once again I was wrong and there were no and’s if’s or but’s about it.  I was punished for thinking and there was nothing more to it, I was dumb!  So this is my style of learning I guess, being right and told I’m wrong.  This scenario has played out repetitively throughout my life and has lead me to lead me to be weary of those who deny me and tell me I’m wrong.  A shame really.






artistic credits go to theclockkeeper  or some 4year old with a computer

11 thoughts on “Triangles

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  3. I read a quote today where Albert Einstein was lamenting the fact that school was only interested in grading pupils not actually teaching them to learn or think. So this problem you & many others encounter is over 100 years old. It is indeed a Shame really.
    Cheers, Peter

  4. Oh, and a young me would have struggled to answer this question because the conflict between my creative mind (saying 5) and my literal mind (saying 3) would have been too great. And then there are the vast number of triangles that make up the body of the rocket, depending on whether it is rectangular or cylindrical…

  5. *Sigh*. Teachers. God forbid a child should have enough of a mind to be able to defend his or her logic. Although I’d rather have the “character building” teachers of my youth than the “Every child gets a medal and award and is a winner!” teachers of today. Life without a little edge is boring. 🙂

  6. Unfortunately as I got older and had the ability to, I adopted a different technique of dealing with unfair circumstances other than telling my Mom. Which was that I would just pack up my books and walk out of the class, as it turns out that didn’t help much either. 😦

  7. Well done, you. Did he / she do it to anyone else? If the others had treated the idiot like you , it would have soon stopped. Wish I could have seen his face. I walked out of a doctors once , because he said I was an hysterical mother. My son aged 9 had his front teeth broken in an accident. The school dentist wanted to extract them and give him dentures. I took him to a London Hospital who saved them.

  8. In High school I walked out of many classes, I was too rebellious. I believe another avenue of action would have served me better. But oh the bullheadedness of youth. I was referred to the principle so often she herself gave up on punishing me, probably in hopes I would show-up at all.

  9. My sin was being convinced that I knew best. The times I had to stand outside the headmistress’s room waiting in trepidation. I wasn’t brave enough not to turn up. She was built like she had a part time job was an all in wrestler. My older sister went to the Grammar School before me and all I heard was ” Your sister wouldn’t have behaved like that” and “why can’t you keep tidy like your sister”. What sort of punishment did they want to hand out to you ?

  10. To start after-school detention, if you didn’t show up for that then Saturday school. And if you didn’t show for that, it was Satschool for a month. Then if you didn’t show for that it was suspension, which meant I was required to NOT go to school, ultimately defeating the purpose of the punishment to begin with. Knowing I wouldn’t show-up for any of that the principle just kinda gave me free reign and I came and went as I pleased.

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