Well, it’s a new year.  Isn’t that what I’m supposed to be writing about?  I mean it seems to be the topic of choice here lately.  I’m not sure it quite applies to me though.  For all intensive purpose’s I wasn’t actually here for a large portion of the year.  Figuratively speaking that is, of mind and soul.  I was off on a wild vacation from reality.  So I’m not sure exactly where it does apply or when it starts for me.

I remember going to the hospital to get a scan of sorts to identify what I thought was a gall stone blocking a valve or something.  And to make plans to schedule a process to get rid of said stone.  This was the night of January 28th 2013, I know this because the last out-going text on my phone was, you guessed it, January 28th.  So that gives me another twenty-six days, but wait I was in a coma for somewhere around three months.  Then does logic dictate that a new year for me starts from the day I woke up?  Or even further along the line when I was released back into the wild.

Not much of any of that is clear in my head, so that leaves me at a severe disadvantage to make that call.  I just don’t feel right about calling it a new year under the times and dates of the ever standing Gregorian calendar.  Much of what has transpired in the remaining months of 2013 is all sort of wash to me.  Blurred memories of the summer, mixed in with an irrational timeline of dates and happenings.  Should I just wait until January 29th and get up and start the day like it was still 2013 and I never went to the hospital?  I could go on with my life acting like I’m a year younger than I actually am.

But alas, I would know.  I would still be posting in my blog, which of course I wouldn’t have if someone hadn’t given me a computer to play around with.  For that matter I wouldn’t even have a facebook page, or an email address.  Prior to last year, I shunned computers like a vampire to light.  For having no knowledge of the otherwise and no tutorial on the subject, I’d say I’ve come along way.  And getting fairly adept at using these over-sized monstrous calculators.

But I digress, once again I find myself in a conundrum in regards to time.  Time, my mortal enemy, the never faltering enemy of every living creature on this battlefield called life.  And now I’m taking up too much of your precious time, for I realize I’m in my fifth paragraph and talking/typing about basically nothing.  I guess I wanted to get in on the fun.  I think I’m just going to tee-up again and hope for the best, we’ll call it a mulligan for the now.

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15 thoughts on “FORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Well the last thing I remember is sitting and waiting for a scan. Apparently, I’m told, they gave me something for the pain. Which kinda baffles me ’cause albeit that I was in pain, I’ve suffered through much worse in my time. Anyhow, it killed me. But being that it didn’t take at first they thought they should try a few more times for good measure. Finally after realizing they couldn’t just kill me flat out with drugs, they decided to prescribe me a healthy dose of pneumonia.

  2. Yes, story! Great idea, D.

    Hey, CTS, you’re gonna love tomorrow’s Words post. 😉

    I say throw away your calendar and just live for today. Every day is a new year, every day is the only day.

    51? Is this good or bad?

  3. Oh blimey. I’m glad that you made it out. And wishing you (although I am super late myself) a conventional happy 2014 new year. Although it’s just numbers and dates on a calendar, and all the bits inbetween and up to, and during are just as important and meaningful as any other.

  4. Goodness. That’s a crazy adventure. I’m glad you made it back and that you can twirl around blog land (and the real life land, of course!). Oh. You can do something else than twirling though. 🙂

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