To Everybody…… I’m Sorry, Very,Very, Sorry.

Yesterday I wrote post about squeaky wheels and my tendency to pull the E-brake and stop the whole damn bus when the powers that be refuse to acknowledge and rectify a simple problem that can keep the ride on a smooth and comfortable path.  To which a friend posed the question, “So then what?“.  It didn’t take long before I realized my actions brought forth a horrible blight to modern mankind that will forever scar the face of our glorious and often tumultuous existence.  I must atone for my sins and for this I apologize.  To Everybody….  I’m Sorry,Very,Very,Sorry.

The following is the answer to the question of what happened after I denied service of coffee to an entire restaurant and did we close and everybody go home:

Yes, I single handily started the fall of the global import/export trade of coffee beans.  Thus beginning the demise of Colombia’s economy and giving rise to the underground production, distribution and sale of black market drugs.  Therefore building a platform for Nancy Reagan to start her crusade as the First Lady of America,  with her “Just Say No!” campaign and “War On Drugs”.  With markedly increased incarceration of urban males, most notably African-American youth.  A notable contempt for authority in the African-American male youth arose, expressing itself artistically in the form of urban-music known as rap.  Ever evolving and gaining momentum and popularity with the masses of today and yesteryear’s youth it stormed the charts and “pop”ular music scene, now known today as Hip-Hop culture.  Ultimately, like ripples in a pond from a coffee pot tossed, I alone, in a fit resulting from a bad day at work, am responsible for Kanye West and his egregiously enormous ego.  For this I apologize and beg forgiveness from my fellow human beings.  Please forgive me…….

9 thoughts on “To Everybody…… I’m Sorry, Very,Very, Sorry.

  1. Thank you, I am humbled by your grace Your Majesty. I promise to be more cautious and diligent with my powers and to use them for the good of all mankind in the future.

    Your loyal subject, The Clock Keeper

  2. I thought you’d be proud. 🙂 Truth is infact, the bosses relented and said “oh, coffee pots? There’s a whole box of them in the storage shed.” As if they couldn’t be bothered with the issue until the fate of humanity hung perilously in the balance. It could’ve happened…. 😉

  3. Yikes, hope you’re ok. Yep I’m up for a few. I’ll check email in a few or feel free to ask here.

    I had all 4 of mine out at once. First week was tough, but got much better that 2nd week.

    I’ll look out for your ?s

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