The Silence of Time

I don’t think the clock ticks for me anymore, I believe it has stopped.  Instead it stands still as I go by.  And that incessant noise, that’s just the echos of my footsteps as I pace in the halls waiting for you.

——————————————————————————————————————   gargle159

word count: 42

prompt:   Have all your clocks stopped?

31 thoughts on “The Silence of Time

  1. right or wrong, I think that we are all waiting on someone, for a feeling , a release, a moment.

    I liked the flow and pace of this, the wording was perfect for what the prompt asked.

  2. The footfalls replacing the click of the passing seconds… that is truly haunting. How long do they pace? How long do they wait?

  3. I believe you’re correct in that notion. I find it somewhat of a masochistic practice, wherein there seems to be a certain comfortableness in the familiarity of the constant pain of remembering. Sometimes you just want to curl up and the night last forever. I’ve found myself on the kitchen floor staring at the ceiling through the bottom of an empty glass listening for the haunting echos of a memory on a many a stormy nights………..

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