Well I have to say I didn’t hit the Powerball jackpot yesterday, and I might have even come up a little short in the win column for my personal liking.  But for the second week in a row at a particular interchange where people seem (as they do at most of them) to forget that they are not the only person on the road.  I was playing my part as conscientious driver on “Team Everybody” when I had to get over to the right lane to make my exit.  This is by far more difficult than if I had chosen the right lane and stayed there making other people deal with me as they got on in such a shortened space that is available for them to merge successfully.  When my right-laned advisory adjusted speed accordingly for me and my blinker then flashed their headlights to me for a clear and safe transition.  THAT’S TWO WEEKS IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I’m not the only one on “Team Everybody” as I’ve been fearing for so long now.  Anyhow, whoever you are, all I wanna do is to thank you even though I don’t know who you are, you let me change lanes while I was driving in my car.





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4 thoughts on “TEAM: “EVERYBODY”

  1. Goodness, the look of that traffic frightens the hell out of me. Since my car accident I am really wary in that much traffic. And you drive on the wrong side! 🙂

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