What Goes On In My Head



……… I have a theory of sorts, I’ve noticed since I’m right handed whenever I go to the sink usually I’m holding something (in my right hand), thus I use my left hand to turn on the water. Which in turn normally activates the hot water. Now, since the “hot” water is technically in the water heater, there is a certain amount of “cold” or “not hot” water in the pipes. Therefore I have so much time to accomplish my task before the hot water reaches the faucet, given that I have no need for hot water.

  I am curious as to whether or not this follows true with most people.  And if so, my theory is that in the involuntary response of the water heater to replace said “hot water” now currently residing in the pipes, I am wasting energy for no reason.  Probably only to add heat to my household only to use the AC to remove it, once again wasting more energy.

  So, being that a majority of the population of all mankind is right handed, and if this is truly a common behavior.  Exactly how much energy is being needlessly wasted and at what cost: to the person buying the energy (gas/electricity), the environment, man hours, destruction of habitat, resulting pollution, what resources went into collecting and transforming that energy only to release it willy-nilly back into the universe without putting it to use.  When you think of it in terms of millions upon millions of people on a daily basis, I mean, there is like some 6.4 something BILLION  people on Earth.

   This is the kinda thing I think about for no reason at all.  I haven’t tried to actually observe people using sinks, mostly cause the only time you see the public using one would be per-say in a restroom or something.  And people probably think I’m weird enough as it is that I’m not going to,,,, well you get the idea.

           What goes on in your head?  And also does the word count affect your decision to read a post?  I try to keep mine somewhere around 300.  Have a good day, team everybody!

pic credits:    (wordlesstech.com),  (www.wrd.org)

18 thoughts on “What Goes On In My Head

  1. You really don’t want to know what goes on in my head and yes, the word count certainly affects if I read something. Never enough minutes in the day otherwise.

  2. Haha, yeah I’ve thought random things like that before… Like what was invented first; the shower or the bath? I think I wrote a super long post about it too.

  3. I think I do want to know, otherwise I wouldn’t follow you. And thanks for answering my question. What number is where you make a judgement call to not click and read? I imagine the content and provider probably has a little to do with it too.

  4. Word count sometimes affects my prioritizing of reading. Often I’m reading on the run and don’t have time to take in a long post. Unfortunately, sometimes I forget to go back to them when I have more time.

    Also, I know someone who thinks about things like the energy wasted in the cold-to-hot cycle. The average word count for his thoughts on such subjects are in the 10K range (estimating, since they’re verbal not written). Oy.

  5. Oh, I’ve got a collection of ears I’ve talked off. I can see it in their faces as I slowly pry them from their heads. Most people don’t like to sit through what I have to say, even though I’m trying to teach them something and I often catch them referencing it and telling someone else later on. Classic teacher/student relationship. :/

  6. When I approach the faucet I intentionally turn the faucet to either hot or cold, whichever I’m in need of, not just what goes on first. Maybe that’s just me though.

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