I don’t know how many times one has to get knocked off their horse before they just say fuck it and give up.  (God knows, I lost count years ago.)   Nor how long one sits around waiting to die just to be done with it all.  For those that wake up somehow still kicking in some manner or another, getting back on that horse is a pretty big feat.  What I do know is that once you’re back in the saddle and have a look around at things, what goes through your head.  Which is as follows….FUUUUUUUCK!  This is exactly where I was when I decided I was done!”  And that my friends is where this little guy enters the scene.


  Hold on everybody, ’cause I GOT THIS!  

5 thoughts on “I GOT THIS!

  1. It makes all the difference when you have someone strong enough, determined enough, and caring enough to get down on her knees behind you to provide back up for the stumbles and another to remind you that “(you) got it.” Yay to all three of them for their example. 🙂

  2. You’re so right. This makes me happy to watch. He’s my hero and he doesn’t even know it. Makes me want to work in this awesome field and be a part of that team. These little guys/gals need support yet can show so much determination, tenacity and strength of will. 🙂

  3. Go get’em. There’s something out there today just waiting for you to do. Maybe something new you’ve never done before, or somebody you’ve never met. 🙂

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