Call for Collaboration

During a brainstorm session we came up with an idea to try and involve more of the WordPress community. Please come and join us and add to the fun.



Dear Faithful Readers,
Everyone has walked a path towards a decision. Whether the choice is small or life-altering, journeys always lead to a crossroads, an intersection where votes must be cast and turns must be taken. For me, this blog was a choice to help me write my way out of pain, but over the months, it has opened surprising doors and helped me make lasting connections. Most of all, it has guided me in finding my love for writing and fir sharing in other’s stories.

I have been in the blogosphere for a little over a year now, and I am awed by the collaborations and inspirations I see from other bloggers. In the spirit of collaborations, my good friend, The Clocktower Sunset, and I decided to do another collaboration. However, as we discussed ideas and did our best to brainstorm, he stumbled across an amazing idea to…

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Say hello, share your brain thoughts............

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