Just wanna get my head straight

This past summer I was walking my back property line.  There was apparently a new couple that had moved in the house behind me. That day i noticed the kitchen curtains were open. I stood there a minute kinda thinknig someone would come out and say hello.

The next day I did the same thing, only the curtains were closed. Once again I stood there for awhile. I had company over and we started to plant some flowers. about 45 minutes into it I noticed the authorities down the road.

I flagged one down and they told me someone had “accidentally”died.  It took me a little while to realize I was standing outside that house at the very moment that person was inside on the floor dyeing well before their time.

You’ll never know what it’s like to know you were standing right fucking there and doing  absolutely nothing when someone needed help.  Just watching the curtains, within 30 feet.