About Eggplants and Cantaloupes

Hello newcomers,  it’s been a little over 6 months now since I started this blog.  I did so blindly and with the haste of a college freshman putting together a report the morning of a due date.  I still haven’t figured out a specific direction to go in so it is all over the place like a dropped bowl of spaghetti in the kitchen.  The Eggplants and Cantaloupes thing is a reference to the movie True Romance, watch it, it’s great.

I’m pretty new to this computer thing but still a lot to learn though.  I’ve made quite a few friends since I’ve began and hope to make more (including you) so please feel free to comment, about anything is fine doesn’t have to be in regards to whatever is on that particular post.  Just say hey.

Sometimes I’ll post about anything in general, which way the wind is blowing.  Or sometimes I’ll feel a little more cathartic and try to explain why it’s blowing the direction it is or the fact it’s blowing at all.  Maybe if I’m feeling it, I’ll write a short story to convey an emotion or two.  However it comes about I hope you enjoy, have a look around and leave a thought, the little orange light always makes my day.


thanks for checking me out, I hope I’m somewhat entertaining


45 thoughts on “About Eggplants and Cantaloupes

  1. Alabama’s soliloquy at the end “Amid the chaos of that day….And sometimes Clarence asks me what I would have done if he had died…”, man, now I wanna watch True Romance! Cheers!

  2. You’re indeed entertaining 😀 specially now that you have given me a challenge. So is the ans London? 😛 I’m sorry m too bad at knowing about places.

  3. Hi,
    Heartfelt thanks for visiting ‘InMyMetaphoricalRoom’ . You have a great blogsite here, & i like your poem. welcome to wordpress. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Kind regards. =)

  4. Thank you for your appreciation. I’m a little all over the place. That last one was a bit of a litmus test. I’d be interested as to what was running through your brain there.

  5. Fargo, is hilarious. I like to watch it on a wintery day,where you just shut in and make a big pot of brownsuger and cinnamon oatmeal. (then you drown it with maple syrup and butter) Just sit back and wait for the woodchipper. the Coens make great movies! What else do you like, I loooove movies. Edward Scissorhands maybe that’s a good one for a night in. 🙂

  6. What an amazingly eclectic blog. Thank you. Can’t guess what you’ll come up with next so I will keep my eyes peeled!

  7. Love your work. I’m the Christy from Runningonsober… Just wanted to be sure to follow you from my weekend project blog–this is the one that has the Waterhouse art I mentioned.

    Hope you’ll come visit, would be honored to share some of your words.

    Oh I found you via Daile’s blog! Saw your picture and had to click over– I’m glad I did.
    – Christy

  8. Yay! I love meeting kindreds!
    Thanks for the open permissions–so kind. I’ll be sure to give you prior heads up. You’ve got mad talent and I’m excited to share it. I especially love how you work music into your work as scenery and/or inspiration; it moves me the same way.
    Christina’s World is in my living room; Master Bedroom is in, well, my master bedroom lol.

  9. Thanks, (should I call you Alabama?) I need someone to tell me that every so often, I tend to forget. I’m getting sidetracked listening to some Bonnie Raitt right now. 😉
    and you get the other two, you’re so cool, you’re so cool. 🙂

  10. Wow! Your story is amazing!
    I have never known someone who woke up from a coma.
    Bravo, on the great writing!
    Blessings to You!

  11. You are an interesting person and a superb writer. Even in conversation, you have the knack of immediate engagement with your well-crafted words. PLUS, you made a reference to Fargo. A movie (and a place) that’s near and dear to my heart.
    Thanks for welcoming me aboard 🙂

  12. By all means, I’m glad you stopped by to have a look around. I haven’t posted in a bit since someone stumbled into my blog that I wasn’t expecting. But I think I’m about ready to get back on the horse again. Please come by and hang-out every now and then to see what’s new, or old. There’s always a spot around around the fire pit and a cozy chair in the living room if it gets too chilly. 🙂

  13. Hey, thanks for coming to visit. I hope you enjoyed reading around a bit, I still don’t have the hang of organizing my blog just yet. Some are just stories and some pertain to my life. If you haven’t read the two posts when you first start, I think they are pretty good. One is a story I wrote this past summer that seems to get the most attention in my blog
    and the other is an actual account of something that happened in my life that I remember


  14. Thank you kindly! I did read some of your posts. You’re a very skilled writer and I left a comment on the post, Fore. I had no idea what you went through and I’m just super glad you made it back and that you are writing and blogging. You’ll get the hang of it eventually! 🙂

  15. If it was a good reason I suppose it’s as good as any other. I’m doing pretty good for the most part, thank you for asking and stopping by to check out and read a bit.

  16. A little orange light from me to you; appreciate you visiting my beeseeker blog and leaving a comment.
    will be back to yours when I have some decent time to do it justice.
    best wishes.

  17. Hey, sorry it took so long to respond, hope here is OK…

    The suggestion you made on my blog was Mudpies, which also mentioned playing outside as a kid and what we would do for entertainment then vs. now. Pretty awesome suggestion!

  18. Mudpies!!!! I remember that!!!! That was a long time ago….. You can post that any day, I remember when we were kids we would run down to the creek whenever it rained… now we didn’t make mudpies in particular,, we just sloshed through all the deep water and I’m pretty sure on at least one occasion I came home with some hypothermia and had to be set in a hot tub, as such my buddy was sent home to do the same by his momma, then eat some good ole Carolina eats.

  19. Oh, you had to have the right mix of dirt, water and prized rose bush petals.

    What? Oh, yeah. May have gotten in trouble more than once for those.

    Look for the story whenever M is scheduled to show up on the calendar 🙂 Hope you are doing OK, sorry the email didn’t work, but I can try to email you if you ever need to talk 🙂

  20. sometimes I do, but I don’t want my personal email available on site. And I’m carolina clay so our mud pies are waaaay dif than yours. hit my twitter w/ your email so I can conect

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