Feeling Rusty

Argh, it’s been awhile since I put up a post and I had been telling myself I was gonna wait until I was finished this summer as to not jinx anything.  Guess I’ve been putting it off for a couple weeks now so here we go.

Sitting around after getting out of the hospital feeling pitiful and pathetic, I was introduced to computers.  First Facebook then Twitter then I found WordPress (another story).  Not too long after that I found the community inside and started enjoying all of it and making friends from my sofa-prison.  When after awhile I came across a post by our dear friend Rara, which I am unable to find or link to.  But it referenced a quote by the tennis star Arthur Ashe which is as follows; “Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.”  

At some point I noticed it had been around a year I’d accomplished roughly nothing.  So I thought I live in a city with more than one university, and a couple colleges and I could have been taking some classes learning something if only for my own betterment if not towards an occupation of sorts that could provide money and a better lifestyle.  I’m Here.  There are Schools.  Let’s See What I Can Do!

So I enrolled in a local college thinking hey, I’ll take some old Algebra class I never passed in my youth.  Well come to find out I had passed it and quite a few others also.  Being that I had math on the mind I let an adviser talk me into a Statistics class,.  Sure, why not?  Okay, all you people out there that might not have had the pleasure of taking Statistics in college let me tell you right now, it’s NOT some regular math class. (Also note it was over 10 weeks not the standard 15, 3 hours a day 3 times a week)  Now you are aware, that might explain my posts over the summer, mostly the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps/ you can do this Johnny” kind.

Anyhow, semester over.  I don’t know the grade on my final exam still, but I passed with an “A”.